(Part 2) Finding the Right Niche Market For Your Business.

Mar 06 2019
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Molise 2

(Part 2) Finding the Right Niche Market For Your Business.

Time to break out from the traditional photo retail mentality and into a channel where there is a true local need. Your niche market is waiting for you; you need to learn how to find it. That’s why industry expert Deb Johnson is ready to unleash your strategic beast! She’ll help you discover the right niche market, create products/services for it, build new profit centers and even rethink the hours you are open.

Her session will focus on:

  • How we managed our reinvention.
  • Adjust business elevator speech
  • Change the internal culture
  • From staff to team
  • Engage community
  • B2B
  • The materialization (changes we observe)
  • Customers
  • Sales – projects
  • Team members (photographers + fine artists)

This course will have you creating implementable strategies with real results. Giving you that business growth you’ve been looking for, in no time! So say ‘Goodbye’ to the old ways and ‘Hello’ to life outside the box.